Adult Beliefs and Perceptions about Alcohol, Marijuana and Prescription Drug Use among Youth

This report reveals data about adult beliefs and perceptions regarding alcohol, marijuana and prescription drug use among youth in Hubbard County. As you will read on the following pages, there are three important conclusions:

  • (1) Most adults have attitudes which will help protect youth from using alcohol, marijuana and prescription drugs not prescribed to them;
  • (2) Many adults misperceive the prevalence of underage drinking and the use of marijuana and prescription drugs among youth in their community; and
  • (3) Many adults misperceive the prevalence of healthy attitudes among other adults in their community.

These three conclusions support the readiness for Hubbard County to engage in growing positive norms throughout the community.

The existing positive norms reported below reveal the community strengths that already exist and provide a solid foundation for future efforts to improve health and safety. While these norms are strong, they can always be strengthened.

The misperceptions regarding youth use and the beliefs of most other adults reveal gaps in knowledge. These gaps may increase the likelihood that youth make unhealthy choices. By helping community members learn about the concern regarding underage drinking, marijuana and prescription drug use and the hope in that most youth don’t use and most adults have healthy attitudes, a new story can emerge and further grow the positive norms in Hubbard County.