Through prevention strategies, HIP strives to reduce the use of alcohol, tobacco, and other drugs by youth in Hubbard County.


A united community where children prosper and grow into healthy adults



Hubbard in Prevention Coalition





Article I.  Name


Section 1.        The name of this coalition shall be Hubbard in Prevention Coalition (HIP).




Article II.  Purpose


Section 1.        Vision Statement:

A united community where children prosper and grow into healthy adults


Mission Statement:

Through prevention strategies, HIP strives to reduce the use of alcohol, tobacco, and other drugs by youth in Hubbard County.




Article III.  Geographic Area


Section 1.        The geographic area served by the HIP Coalition includes all of Hubbard County and students attending Park Rapids, Nevis, and Laporte School Districts.




Article IV.  Membership


Section 1.        The membership of the Coalition shall include representation from each (town/school district) in the geographical area and the following fourteen population sectors.


  1. Youth
  2. Parents
  3. Under-represented Populations
  4. Business Community
  5. Media
  6. School
  7. Youth-Serving Organizations
  8. Law Enforcement Agencies
  9. Justice/Corrections
  10. Religious or Fraternal Organizations
  11. Civic and Volunteer Groups
  12. Healthcare Professionals
  13. State, Local, Tribal Government
  14. Other Organization involved in reducing ATOD abuse


Section 2.        Membership is open to individuals and organizations interested in promoting the mission and vision of Hubbard in Prevention Coalition.  No persons will be denied membership because of sex, age, race, nationality, religion, political views, and or disabilities.  All members are asked to sign a yearly membership agreement (appendix A).


Section 3.        Voting members of coalition must sign agreement to attend 75% of monthly coalition meetings, be actively involved in no less than one committee, and participate in no less than one youth event (appendix B).  If voting member does not satisfy voting member agreement, voting members of coalition may, by a majority vote, terminate member’s voting rights.


Section 4.        Non-voting members of the coalition, herein after known as associates of the Coalition, shall be notified of meetings and invited to participate.   Associate members will provide input to the voting members and participate in coalition outreach activities.



Section 5.        Members and associate members are expected to refrain from the use of illegal drugs and the illegal or abusive use of alcohol and/or other drugs.  Noncompliance with this provision may result in removal of the member by majority vote of the coalition.




Article V.  Officers


Section 1.        The Officers shall be the Chairperson, the Vice-Chairperson, the Treasurer and the Secretary.


Section 2.        All Officers shall have a term of one year, with the exception of the Vice-Chairperson, who will serve one year as Vice-Chairperson and one year as Chairperson.  Officers may be reelected for another one-year term.


Section 3.        The Chairperson shall be the presiding officer of the Coalition; shall preside over all regular meetings; shall appoint committees as necessary; and perform those duties usually required of a presiding officer.


Section 4.        The Vice-Chairperson shall perform the duties of the Chairperson whenever the Chairperson is absent or unable to perform the duties of the Chair and other duties as assigned.


Section 5.        The Treasurer shall oversee appropriate accounting records and work with designated persons of funding sources.


Section 6.        The Secretary shall take meeting minutes; assist with making meeting arrangements; and perform such duties as assigned.




Article VI.  Election of Officers


Section 1.        The Vice-Chairperson will automatically become the Chairperson for the subsequent year.


Section 2.        Election of the Vice-Chairperson, Treasurer, and Secretary shall occur in January of each year at the regularly scheduled meeting.  A nominating committee will be formed at the regular November meeting and nominations heard at the regular December meeting.  A two-thirds vote of those voting members in attendance shall be required for election of each officer.


Section 3.        Officers elected at a regular Coalition meeting in January shall take office at the first regular meeting in February.


Section 4.        In the event of officer resignation, the Chairperson shall make an appointment to fill that position until the next election.




Article VII.   Committees



Section 1.        There shall be an Executive Committee, Marketing Committee, and Youth Committee.


Section 2.        The Chairperson may appoint additional ad hoc committees when deemed necessary to carry out the business of the coalition.


Section 3.        The Executive Committee shall consist of the Chairperson, Vice-Chairperson, Secretary, Immediate past Chairperson and two (2) voting members of the Coalition as appointed by the Chairperson.


Section 4.        The Executive Committee shall have the authority of the voting members in the management of the business of the coalition and shall guide the activities of the coalition as needed between meetings of the coalition.  The Executive Committee is subject at all times to the direction of the voting members.


Section 5.        The Marketing Committee shall consist of no less than 3 voting coalition members and no more than 9 coalition members.


Section 6.        The committee shall create a Coalition Communication Plan to be approved by the voting members.  The Marketing Committee shall implement and revise the Communication Plan as necessary.


Section 7.        The Youth Committee shall consist of We Decide Youth Group Leaders within the geographical area described in Article III and youth representatives from each youth group.


Section 8.        The Youth Committee shall represent the interest of the youth in the geographical area described in Article III.




Article VIII.  Meetings


Section 1.        Regular meetings of the Coalition will occur on a monthly basis at a time, place and date determined by the membership at each meeting.  Such information will be made public.


Section 2.        Voting members unable to attend a coalition meeting need to contact the planning officer.


Section 3.        A majority of voting members must be present for official business or elections to be transacted.  Majority shall be at least one plus half of the voting members.


Section 4.        At all meetings of the Coalition, the voting members present shall each have one vote and all action shall require a majority vote of the voting members present.

Article IX.  General Conduct


Section 1.        Members of the Coalition shall fulfill his/her duties in accordance with his/her good faith and judgment for the best interest of the Coalition.  A member will recuse themselves from any vote and related discussion that would result in advancing their own or their agency’s self-interest.




Article X.  Amendments


Section 1.        Any amendment to these by-laws may be made at any regular scheduled meeting by a two-thirds vote of the voting members in attendance.  Proposed amendments need to be provided to voting members at least ten (10) calendar days in advance of the meeting at which they will be considered.